Eating out in Buenos Aires Japanese Style

I admit, it has been awhile. But a few good dining experiences in Buenos Aires are always a good excuse for writing.

It is Winter in this town, cold, grey, humid. In between meetings and visiting my 'chantier', it is a no do to jump in the swimming pool. So I dine & wine.

'Osaka' in Palermo is the first place I try. It has been on my list for some time, and since I am staying just around the corner till tomorrow, this is my chance.

Osaka: degustacion de ceviche

I am early and get a seat at the bar from where I can follow the kitchen activity. I am one of the first, still on European time. Portenos eat late and I need to get used to it again. 'Osaka's cuisine is an homage to both Peruvian and Japanese culture, rooted in thousands of years of culinary tradition. I opt for three kinds of niguiri sushi, marinated first in orange juice or pisco.
I eat while watching the colorful dishes being prepared in front of my curious eye. Every bit and bite tastes heavenly.
The food is not cheap here, but worth every peso I spent.

Since I wonna try some restaurants in the 'Marcel' area, I remembered going back to 'Ichisou',
My sushi assortment at Ichisou

a typical family run Japanese restaurant just a few blocks down from my hotel on calle Venezuela. Allow me to say the sushi I had was an orgasmic experience. Yes, I said it. The place is nothing fancy and could do with a subtle make-over. But god, what they serve here is beyond doubt the best sushi in town, if not the best I ever had. Never dare to say this place is expensive as one French lady once did. For a 12-piece assortment of niguiri, one green tea, miso soup and a green tea ice-cream, I paid 22$, or 21€, that is after the 10% discount I got for paying cash. Cause this is Argentina: change your dollars in a cueva first, and get 50% more value for money; than pay cash and they will grant you a discount on food, furniture...

They will also tell you prices will go up to make you buy, right then and there. And indeed, prices do go up. But as long as the dollar blue remains strong, Argentina will remain, relatively, cheap, at least for us, Americans and Europeans.

Next time I am around, I will be living here. 'Shabu Shabu' on Moreno will hopefully be open then. It came highly recommended to me by a Japanese lady I met at 'El Beso' this week. And that means something !

So if you like Japanese food, then staying at the
'Marcel de Buenos Aires' is your perfect choice. 'Yuki' at equally just 7 blocks away is another highly recommended Japanese gourmet temple too.


"Osaka", Soler 5608, Buenos Aires

"Ichisou", Venezuela 2145, BA *

"Yuki", Pasco 740, BA *

"Shabu Shabu" or "Nipponbashi", Moreno 2095, BA *