Insalata Caprese ... my way

 I guess all of you know how to prepare a decent ‘insalata caprese’. It is the Italian dish ‘par excellence’, found in every Italian restaurant worth the name.

I also remember having promised to teach you how to make ghee this time.  That promise will be kept, only just not now. I have a better idea….

Sharing my 

left overs
out -of -the-fridge
inspired version of the Caprese.

I have a few bio-cherry tomatoes, well, not in the fridge. That’s NOT the best way to preserve them. Two daily fresh mozzarelle de buffola. Don’t settle for anything less !
In the fridge I discover the last fresh young garlic I did not use in the pasta of yesterday.
My homemade gluten free bread has to be eaten before it goes bad.
Well, seems like I have all I need!

Cut the fresh young garlic in thin slices and fry in a pan. If you like cumin, fry the cumin seeds too. Just mix both.

Meanwhile, cut the mozzarelle in slices with a ceramic knife. Then half the beautiful cherry tomatoes. They will keep the sun in them if you keep them out of the fridge.
Poor olive oil over the mozzarella, then add pepper and salt. If you have some fleur de sel, then wait till you have first distributed the nicely fried young garlic over the mozzarella.

Serve with bread as I did with my gluten free version.

Healthy ! Yummy !