Asparagus and Strawberries make the Perfect Meal !

I am no Jamie Oliver nor a Jeroen Meeus, but I know how to cook. I love it too. And I definitely know how to eat !

And what is better than to cook with fresh premium ingredients from your own soil. When last week I went on a bike ride with a friend through the #Scheldeland, we ended up stopping in Wintam at the local asparagus farmer. We bought white asparagus fresh from the day, sweet strawberries, gorgeous raspberries, new harvest potatoes, eggs and cauliflower. We needed good butter and excellent wine to make the perfect meal. As it tasted so good, I returned to the same farmer a week later.

Back home, I cooked the same meal, only this time somehow better prepared. All it missed the first time was some soft white cheese to top the strawberry desert.

Curious enough now? Well, here is my secret:

wash the fresh potatoes and boil them till soft - boil the eggs, 1 per person till hard, then crush with a fork in a deep plate - meanwhile peel the asparagus with an asparagus peeler ( sounds logic, doesn't it ) - then boil in lightly salted water and add some butter to it too - when almost soft, turn off the heat and let sit in the water for an additional 10 minutes - then drain - 
melt the butter and add ground pepper to the melting butter

serve the asparagus topped with the crushed eggs, poor over the butter and serve with the cooked potatoes - add salt and pepper to your own taste

Don't forget Desert : 

cut the strawberries in 4 parts, put in a bowl and add some brown sugar, then mix; turn and let the sugar bring out the juice of the strawberries  ( do NOT put in the fridge )

mix the soft white cheese with 1 or 2 egg yolks ( depending on the qty of the cheese ) and 1 or 2 bags of vanilla sugar - return the mixture to the fridge till ready to serve
divide the strawberries into the bowls ( count at least 150 g / pp )

Top the strawberries with the white cheese and sprinkle some chopped mint leaves on top

You are now ready to taste heaven !

Enjoy !

P.S. : And next time, I'll teach you how to make ghee